Rechargeable battery time to charge AA, AAA, capacity and lifetime mobile phone

AA / aaa rechargeable batteries charging time
Battery Type capacity        charge time
                                            2pc      4pc
AA/R6/Mignon-1300mah  1hr 15 2hr 30
AA/R6/Mignon-2100mah  2hr 15 4hr 30
AA/R6/Mignon-2500mah  3h15   6h30
AA/R6/Mignon-2700mah  3h40   7h45
AAA/R6/Mignon- 700mah 50Min
AAA/R6/Mignon-1000mah 1hr 15
Mostly AA batteries capacity under 1300 or 1000 mah best option make try to buy 2100 MAH battery which is equal to your cell phone battery. also check your cell phone battery capacity.
or upgrade your battery capacity in your mobile phone.
mah (milliampere per hour)
1000mah 1ah
9.v volt battery stores 2500mah that provides 2 hours power supply on the mobile or another electronic gadget. depending upon usage.

How to know battery capacity and lifetime?

battery capacity available on the battery sticker mostly look like 2100mah or 1500 mah 3000mah etc.
1500mah battery life
1500Mah provides 100MA for 15 hours or 200 MA for7.5 hours depending upon electronic gadget consumption battery lifetime varies.
you can see power consumtion mobile stand by time and voice calling in manufacture specification.

can I upgrade battery power low to high?

Mostly, the lot of mobile phone works with the high capacity a search on try. bt I am giving 92% guarantee. because it worked china mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.