Reliance jio 4g activation, Process plans, code, 3g phone

reliance jio 4g plans

reliance jio 4g  Features:

unlimited voice call facility even with 150 monthly subscriptions ( After 3 months 50 Rupees for 1 GB data  25 Rupees after 75GB Consumption for a Month)
5 Paise per 1 MB not like other 4g /3G 100-400 Paise for 1MB
Jim network uses VoLTE (Voice over LTE) for voice calls (it consumes the data)
Jiofi wifi hotspot will be available after January 2017 with double data usage facility.
reliance jiofi hotspot cost 2000 with SIM available reliance digital stores, using same as wifi.
You can get double data with Jionet reliance wifi hotspots in your area. you have to install jio net app.

Where to get Reliance Jio 4G SIM?

Reliance 4G SIM available at all Reliance Digital Stores, Digital Xpress, Digital Xpress Mini stores and from Reputable dealers.
you can also reliance Jio stores at JIO website.

reliance jio 4g Facts:

  • Jio Using scarce fourth-generation of 4G airwavesJIO testing its 4g network for 3 months that the reasons for the Free 3 months service.
  • 3 Months Free Unlimited Usage of Data SMS and voice calls until 31st December 2016. From September 1st onwards.
reliance jio 4g Cons:
Testing its 4g network

How to Port Number MNP to Reliance JIO 4g SIM ?

 Don’t Port your Existing Mobile number to JIO why? look at JIO  facts. (incoming calls available when your data enabled)
  • Migrate (PORT) your existing Number Reliance Jio
  • For this Simple   SMS as PORT space Mobile number to 1900
  • Ex: PORT 9948148122  TO  1900
  • you will MNP Number then walk along with your ID Proof to Reliance Nearest store.
  • Reliance JIO Tele-verification Number 1977
  • Customer care for complaints 198 others 199.
  • Find Nearest Reliance JIO Customer care office
Network Coverage:
8000 cities and 2,00000 villages to cover 90% area till 2017 January.
Reliance JIO Showrooms in Hyderabad nearby you
Ex:  you can find many reliance digital stores and mini digital express within 1 kM of your area.
But You can some information on nearest Reliance digital stores maybe with Reliance Trends, supermarkets.
Reliance Jio 4G Plans All over India

How to get Reliance JIO SIM without LYF Phone

Solution: Android App  My JIO, enter your mobile number and select your area. kindly walk the to the nearest store with KYC details get the sim and activate.
offer lid until 31st December 2016.

How to generate JIO welcome offer code?

Install My JIO from Android play store not from others using share it.

and install jio4g voice and jio chat to jio app get your location (please enable GPS)

once the location identified it ask your alternate phone number Enter OTP to get Welcome offer code. just take a screenshot of your offer code. or note down offer code and aadhaar number go to nearest store and get JIO SIM without documents and Photo.


 JioFi Portable Wi-Fi hotspot


it costs 1999 with 31% discount offer. you can get 3 months free data with free JIO SIM. but no stock in reliance digital stores.


Reliance jiofi vs broadbadconnection
KYC Documents required for reliance JIO 4G SIM
Aadhaar card with color xerox.  Now! zero documentation. only Aadhaar Number required.

How to use Reliance JIO SIM in  3g Phones?

we can use by Faking our mobile phone as 4G Phone. for this, we have install 2 Android apps.  there are lot of tricks available please try this simple one.

  1. just dial  *#2263#, or *#*#4636#*#*
  2. enter 0000 and wait for a second,
  3. Go to settings >> protocol>> network control > band selection > LTE band and save 40 Band.
  4. Insert JIO SIM (it works perfectly).

2nd way to use JIO SIM on 3G Phone?

Download Engineering mode app from play store.

install & open and select 4G LTE network.

Insert 4G Sim and Enjoy at 3g Speed.

Change network settings by 4g Switcher app

jio-4g-sim-in-3g-phone-enable jio-sim-on-3g-step-2 jio-4g-sim-card-in-3g-step-3

Reliance 4G Speed
up to 20 MBPS but Average you can get 10-12mbps.

Reliance JIO 4 G Sim Activation Process:

With ekyc, No tele verification required just insert SIM card within 15m,minutes to 4 hours. it will be activated. (it will activates when you submit your aadhaar number & thumb impression at Reliance ekyc Agent. then you will get a message.
Process Includes online but you can call 1977 to tele verify the details also activate the vOlte.
Really big headache! Now reliance SIM Available without documentation aT RELIANCE STORES for free. but some most of them charging 200-500 Rupees for a free SIM.
You just need to carry Aadhaar Number & coupon code which is generated by your 4G phone.

Reliance JIo Signal ACTIVATION Problems

  1. Some mobile phones only support 4G LTE slot. so prefer 1st SIM Slot.
  2. Enable 4G LTE only mode in Android phone This Menu>>Settings>>mobile networks>>4G LTE  Only .
  3. If Dual SIM Phones Remove 2nd one Insert Reliance JIO SIM only (Once you got the signal then insert 2nd one, both works fine on next restart. its worked for me.)
  4. Test All SIM SLOTS to know which Slot dedicated for 4G LTE.
  5. Note that two 4g SIMS networks simultaneously most of the 4G Phones.
  6. Insert your JiO SIM in other LYF phone or JIO FI device or friend’s 4G phone which is already working, once you got the signal insert in your phone.

IS Reliance 4G Serice available in Your Area?

 its a satellite network. no need for cellphone towers.
Check network coverage on jio website.
Preview offer available on selected mobile phones. you will know once you download the myjio app from the android store.

Reliance 4G Plans all or India


Startinng from 19,129, 149,299,499,999,12999,1499,2499,3999,4999.


Reliance JIO 4g Prepaid /postpaid Plans

19 100MB 1 day
129750 MB 7 days
149300 MB 28 days
2992GB21 days
4994GB28 days
99910GB28 days
149920GB28 days
249935 GB28 days
399960 GB28 days
4999 75GB28 days

reliance-jio-4g tariff plans


Reliance JIO Postpaid Plans

Prepaid and postpaid data usage same, but plans starts from 149 and 28 days validity.

ISD calls limited based on the plans,

  1. 2 Paise / 1sec
    (local & national)
  2. 1 Rupee / 1 SMS
  3. International SMS 5 rupees
  4. Data  1 paise for 20 KB. (10 paise for 200KB, 1 Rupee for 2MB or 2000KB (but as per prepaid plans we get 300 MB for 149 Rupees).


JIO Network limitations

  • You can call only on 4G Voice App through internet call like skype etc.
  • The Incoming call works only when you enabled the data.
  • Data needs to use continuously, so more background running apps heat the phone and discharge the battery very quickly.
  • 3 Months unlimited usage limited to (4GB One day limited after FUP you will get 128 kbps speed). SO you can use 120 GB for the month free. 360GB Free for 3 months.
  • 300 MB for 15O Rupees , but what about voice calling always turning on the data causes consuming more data.