Rogaine Review india men and women Side effects, Results

rogaine foam review for men and women, side effects, how it’s works and some users experience. India and other countries

Note: I have used 1.5 Month rogaine formula (minoxidil 5%) in india, mintop by reddy’s labs. My Scalp become itchy and dry now i am suffering from Dandruff since 2-3 months and hair loss  due to dandruff.
side effects:

  1. Nausea,
  2. Hair on forehead or face
  3. If you apply with hands fingers may change color into blue.
  4. dizziness
  5. If you stop using this you may loose regrown hair and hair fall continues
  6. hair loss
  7. Rapid weight gain (Abnormal)
  8. Blurred vision
  9. headache
  10. Light
Note: patients with heart diseases Not recommended this.

Rogaine cost India 1200-1800/- It has Minoxidil 5%, Alcohol, purified water, Propylene Glycol.

Rogaine Alternatives in india

Where to Buy rogaine In India, You can buy from Amazon, Flipkart snap deal
But DR. reddy laboratories manufactured same formula called Mintop 5%, 2%,10%.

It is easily Available from your nearest Med plus Store.

Cost 485 rupees for 60 ml bottle Now 500+ onwards.

How to use rogaine/ Minoxidil 5%solution /foam

1 Month Supply bottle, contains 60 ml solution or foam, you can use 1 ml twice a day, so that we can complete in 30days.2ml*30=60ml.

Limitations: Not works for all,

baldness from childhood,
Not recommended for below 18,
No family history of baldness (hereditary baldness)
Not compatible with all any inflammation or red scalp avoid it.
No pregnancy, no allergies, no heart and blood vessels problems
For Men only for top/ middle baldness for women only front side.

Hereditary baldness

Seren extra mild shampoo to avoid side effects regular shampoo.

Types of baldhead patterns

How to use rogaine:
daily 2 times apply to affected area.
Applying process:

How does it works?

It’s absorbed into the blood, it’s a vasodilator may dilate blood vessels to the scalp. alternatively, a question.

How to increase blood flow to head?

  1. Massage daily.
  2. using vibrating /laser comb

Is it safe?
FDA approved 5% Minoxidil (rogaine).


You have to use at least 3 months, we have to use continuously for further results. depending upon the person, results starts from 3 weeks. Someone got results after 7 months, and other after 1 year of continuously, usage. very slow results. Maybe rogaine company wants earn more money from patients. why they sell valuable formula for 1bottle $25 or 1000 INR at a time.


3 months pack $30 or 2500 in India from Amazon or flipchart.

Alternative products:
Propecia (Tablets) works to prevent the formation of the DHT(dihydrotestosterone)  hormone that weakens hair and halts its growth. earlier mentioned post cure loss with natural food.

Laser comb: $495 we may use vibrating comb less than $10 (My idea)for increasing blood flow to the scalp may help to regrow hair. Laser helmet cost $895.
vibrating comb also helps in regrow hair as per the study.

I will research further later. now i am going review Propecia that helps to reduce hair.
Meanwhile look at how to aviod baldness /hailr loss
Disclaimer: This Information is Only education purpose only, ask your doctor before going further action on it.

Take action when your hair growing thin. that means you have not enough blood flow to your sclap.
also interesting facts about hair loss from above post link.

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