SBI Credit Card online payment, application, eligibility

SBI credit card application, eligibility, log in,  payment, customer care number and email, interest rates, coupons, change of Address monthly statement etc..

How to apply credit card SBI?

you can apply online through or through executive,

Documents required for SBI card application

  • Minimum FD DEPOSIT in bank, (20 or 50k)
  • Office Address and phone number (if applicable)
  • Mobile number,
  • PANcard
  • Proof ID
  • Proof Address
  • Bank account with SBI
  • Sbi card will dispatch within 1 week generally 3-5days through Bluedart courier,
    You have to track the credit card through Bluedart courier waybill / reference number.

Sbi credit card eligibility?

Monthly income above 15000/_ for employees,

Office Address and phone number compulsory,

Get SBI card without the job?
We can SBI card by through fixed deposits, they will give credit card limit 75% of the FD,
Ex. If you deposit 20,000  Fixed deposit then they will give 14,000 Monthly limit,
7,000 through Cash withdrawal limit through ATM.
BUT ATM withdrawal fee for 1st 300 Rupees,
Sbi card without job can be applied through SBI card executive only,

Sbi card application process
After you applied either online or offline,
They will call you for verification information, and you have to confirm same with them in order to get SBI CARD.

 You can Track your Sbi card application Status by entering your application number and date of birth.
if you forgot application number then you can retrive by PAN CARD, mobile number and date of birth.

Get started with Sbi card?

  1. In the courier package, you will get SBI card along with other papers,
  2. Those includes your Sbi card number
  3. Expiry date,
  4. Sbi card Account number

You have to register at SBI using details like
Sbi card number,
Pan card number,

  • While registration system asks you to set a username and password also a security question,
  • Every single transaction you can get alert to mobile and email immediately
  • After registration, you can to SBICARD.COM and view your SBI card statements pay credit card bill from there.
  • SBI card statement: it generates once monthly and delivers to your residential Address,
  • You can also apply e-statement to email if you are not prefer statement through post / courier.
  • You can pay card bill before monthly statement generates. Just click on unbilled transactions and pay the amount.
SBI credit card charges
  • Annual fee ( generally 500 for simply save card),
  • Some charges on monthly statement

Sbi card payment billdesk online net banking

You can pay online through SBI card. Com also utilize Via Net banking  / Debit card.
SBI card Autopay Option: you can use New SBI card autopsy option.
Bill pay using Net banking biller registration.
  • Enter Your Email Address, Phone Number,
  • Credit Card Number Twice
  • Enter Due Amount
  • Choose Debit card or net banking to Pay cc bill.
  • Select Debit card of your bank or select your bank from bank list.
  • Pay the Amount it will reflect within 2 days. but Sbi card now offering instant payment option their website.
sbi credit card payment billdesk

SBI CARD payment Through NEFT

IFSC CODE Invalid as Error By SBI netabnking. SBI Card payment Through NEFT not working for me.

Go SBI Netbanking>>Payment & Transfer>>Interbank Transfer>>Selct NEFT>> Click Add New Benefiecery>>

Account Nuber: SBI Card Number (16 digits)
Transfer limit:
payment will credit within 1 working day
bill desk can take 3 days.
Visa Credit Card Pay: can take up to 3 days.
SBI Netbanking through billers option
ADD biller / select: SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd register & pay every month.
its take 3 days to credit.
You can pay SBI Card payment Without Statment too.

Sbi card interest rates: Interest rates applicable if bill not paid within 20-50 days after the due date, 1.30 to dates.

How to change Address in SBI Credit Card?

Download Address change form from SBI CARD portal download page, Print the soft copy write
  • present Address,
  • permanent Address,
  • Office Address,

Sign and scan and upload to your email ID and send it (email id may not accurate), for full information write an email to

Or SMS PROBLEM to 9212500888 They will call within 3 days and asks your problem. almost get solved there.


SBI Coupons redeem Fraud check

If anyone called you about Coupon redeems, free gift regarding SBI card. They will ask you Only SBI card Number and Expiry date,

Don’t tell CVV number, (if you tell they will use for online purchase), 4 digits PIN.  also you can verify your earned coupon codes at online

SBI credit card customer care

Phone numbers: From All Phones:

  1. 1860 180 1290
  2. 39 02 02 02 ( Prefix local STD code )
  3.  1800 180 1290 ( Toll-Free )

Also check SBI card IVR process flow

Toll-free number only useful when credit card details Available with you.