SEO services
1st they promised to increase 15% of the search engine visibility, but I got 11%, for 1dollar 66.7 ₹, but 2nd month charged ₹6,900 (99 dollars) per month and their promise to improve 65% of the traffic,
Website analyzer (on page we can do this by online free tools)
They just generates and adds keywords for your website and work for rank them
They didn’t suggest you to on page Seo recommendations
They only do link building (we can buy it from Seo clerks, Fivver for cheap for 5dollars). But I had no choice to improve my website, ( I missed core activity updating website no one interested to update a job website, why I am stocked that I have started with that niche still I am not success with that, but all other people doing well ).
Seo profiler also offering same price with lot of features

Open link profiler: Another way to monitor back links.
Seo services in India:
They charging minimum ₹30,000 per month. Maybe they targeted high business portals.

SEO doesn’t need these days unlike before 2014. All we need dedicated work, if the website got penalized by google, we have to improve to survive, once you did it, no one can stop your businesses for long time. But we need Patience to do that.
Creating niche websites vs sticking into only 1 website.

My Aim to create 1 popular website, But because of google penalties I ruined to create more website because of once website penalized I have no future for my online journey. (Putting all eggs in one basket cause loose everything).

Presently I have owned 35-40 domains, only 10+ domains I remember,
Focusing on 3+ websites. Only one random website by luck earning for me. Not the websites I working for now.
Because of lot of failures I got strong desire to own this business. But I am an one-man Army. (I have to hire freelancers or hire employees but its need investment run an office.) So I have decided fight one more year with the help of freelancers.