Basic SEO Tutorials for beginers


On page SEO

Keyword placement: title, description, paragraph, headings, and image alt tag,

Meta keywords: not works anymore.

Meta description: used increase CTR on SERP Results.

Comments in SEO: High quality comments adds value to the content but always we affected by spam bots.

Keyword density: ideal is 1-2%. 1% but just 1%  looks like spam. adding keywords helps to rank maybe short term until google find it as spam

Images: Adds value to the content at least 1 image in the articles helps to identify the quality content. but not worth of adding the image because it adds additional size to the page and slow downs the page. using CDN for images recommended.

Note: placing keywords and over optimizing articles not helpful, writing for the only search engine not works focus on the user and the google while writing.

Note: First read the google Seo basic guidelines.

Off page SEO

Bounce Rate: google may uses bounce rate to give the rank of the domain. Ex: a well-written HTML content outranked by a form with pulling user required data.

User behavior:

Domain Authority DA: Developed by Moz based on links to the root domain and other metrics like age and online reputation.

PA Page Authority: Links to the page no to the root domain:

Page rank: discontinued because google got enough data users behavior, bounce rate, and human editors, Private Results, Search Location, tracking user History etc.

Social Media: Facebook blocked google but twitter allowing some data to display tweets in SERP results. All links from social media are no following.

No follow & Do follow: No follow links tells the search engines to no follow the link this doesn’t pass any link juice to the linking domain.

Do follow process the link juice

No follow example: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>anchor text</a>

how to identify no follow links with Chrome extensions like SEOQuake etc.

Building Links:  What is SEO? it means the only link building in a few years ago.

SE land SEO table A-Z

you have built 1000 of links(by buying SEO services on fivver and SEO clerks) but none of them indexed mostly 90%. why google not crawled them because those sites are not eligible to crawl by google due to copied low-quality content.

Indexing backlinks: here we have to buy a monthly subscription of 20$ to 200$ to index our backlinks.  what they do just add your URL to 1000s link redirect URLs and URL shorter like Bitly maybe if the premium feature, creating RSS for backlinks and submitting them RSS directories, creating XML sitemaps etc.

Tier 1 Link building: quality links points your site:

Tier 2 link building: these links some low-quality web 2.0 article directories social bookmarking forum profiles etc.

Tier 3: these links pointed tier 2 links these links comes from very low quality built by black hat automatic SEO tools.

Building links with SEO Tools: 

Google penalty recovery

Scrape box: it’s really dead tool only used for massive blog commenting a few years ago 2004.


Automated addon: 20$

captcha Sniper $60

Scrape box requires Captcha solver recommended is captcha sniper this not working anymore.

GSA SER & With Captcha code software bundle  

SER Price 99$,

Captcha breaker: 147$

SEO Indexer: 20$ adds your backlURLsurls 1000+ redirect URLs.

Kontent Machine Lifetime $357

SER Powerhouse Lifetime $77


Monthly proxies 10 semi-dedicated or private proxies 10$.

Buying email accounts yahoo 1000 (Gmail does not work IMAP) not verified once the email blocked buy another next set of emails.

These tools do not work in our regular desktops and laptops effectively. so we need SEO VPS hosting

Minimum Monthly starts from $50

although backlinks not permanently and not from high quality sites.

Senuke XCR Monthly above 147$

Xrumer Monthly $100, Gscrapaer, no longer supported


Note: google observing the SERP Results after and before the update if anything not acceptable then they are tweaking the algorithm. They are focusing on the user if we focus on google SEO ultimately we fail. Relying on link building not gives long term results.

technical SEO

Page speed: google says page should be load in 2 seconds and server response time will be 0.2 Seconds.  but i did all the things my page loads in 4 seconds due to google ads. if we do add the google we can score up to 97 or 100 in google page speed insights.

Note: Page speed, not a major ranking factor.


page canalization: To avoid duplicate thin content issues mobile site canalize to desktop pagination points the original one.

Ex: all pages in categories page/1, page/2 indicates original categories.

XML Sitemap helps to crawl more effectively quickly.

HTML Sitemap: useful for small websites.

Duplicate content & crawl errors

htacess redirects

Google webmaster Console tutorials will be available soon.

How google Search works?

Crawling, Indexing, Filter the results by ranking factors and Ranking.

Google Alogirth update, page layout algorithm. fix thin content, google SEO improvements.


Source to learn SEO: google webmaster office hour hangout, SEland, etc

there are a lot of SEO courses available on the internet and offline books.

Yoast SEO course