make money website ideas Simple Guide

make money website ideas  Simple Guide to starting a website blog in India how to start a website how to start a website for free and make money.

Simple Guide to starting a website blog in India

Finding a host
In India the if you want data centers within your area you can choose but there is process limit in shared server for newbie basic development features better for better for professional hosting
The cheapest VPS hosting may be not good
Website design and themes
You can create manually themes by hiring web developers or buy themes professional themes or clone scripts
The web sites like code,
Content marketing
Finding SEO packages near you
Best way to find SEO packages at low cost

how to start a website for free and make money

for earning money from the website, you need Adsense account which is approved after you get the popularity of your website.
Find SEO deals at top forums like
Hiring freelancers
  2. anything for $5
 if you do not find sufficient information Ask for the update I will do it for you.
Online business ideas,
By Website
Run a website that related to low competition in search engine to quick rank
Create a classifieds website
For this, you need only a script easy to start up may change your Life if you put all efforts in this. Example Quickr, OLX, Craigslist,
Job search engine website like indeed you may indeed clone script inline all things automated
Price comparison script
Nowadays e-commerce websites are lot but price comparison among those not yet created more..
Create a search engine like google.
  1. If you want create a search be sure to stick to only one niche or category. Until you succeeded in that category and then expand it another category
  2. Selling products online commerce buy cheap from eBay and sell it on amazon or flip kart
  3. Make money by YouTube
  4. Get license for movie trailers and songs broadcast on YouTube
  5. Even try to upload. Videos that screen recorded how to tutorials, convert text to video using power point and upload to YouTube
  6. Upload some beautiful images to youtube make a video add background music
  7. Promoting online products Affiliate sites
  8. Try to promote e-commerce products using Amazon affiliate programs flip kart
  9. Also, try to promote digital products like some ideas and tutorials like make solar panels at home very cheap
  10. Instead of promoting digital products try to create an ebook and sell it., you may look offline books to know which topics are popular.
  11. Represent your offline business online using website or local business listing free services like google places, Facebook local business page, just dial