SkullCandy Review Earbuds headphones , Price, Comparison

Skullcandy review by an Indian customer inkd 2 earbuds review, price ranges, models, warranty registration and limitation about the company dealers, import.


Skullcandy earbuds models and Price


Skullcandy ink’d review

you can feel very well only once when you first plugged in your ear. after that we couldn’t find change dude.

Earbuds price Range from $14.99 to $79.99 with different models,

INK’D 2, Wink’D, chopped, XT free, Smokin buds and other etc..

INK’D 2 Price $20.99 for universal MIC, without mic $15.99

Noise isolating 749
Noise Isolating 2nd Model 1149

I bought Skullcandy INK’D Equipped with Supreme Audio (Micro Phone & Remote model number S2IKDAY-102) 1499  with 2o% discount at 1199 Indian Rupees.

Skullcandy S2IKDZ-058 Ink’d 2 In-Ear Headphone (Rasta color) 2012 Mfg Same Available from Amazon 799 Indian Rupees. (so Paid extra 400INR) Same thing happened with 1TB Seagate Hard Disk (SSDor HDD I don’t know) 500-700 Extra.

Equipped with Supreme Audio 2nd model price 2499INR.

The Skullcandy importer in India was Branded eyes and it imported from china and selling by Reliance digital.

how to register the product with Skullcandy?

Peel the poly from blue color and scratch, then 13 Digits number appears.

To verify Genuine Product  & warranty registration send SMS in below format.

SMS BDE <CODE> to 56263.

SMS cost will be 3 Rupees for India. buy I didn’t get any response. we have to deal with importer Branded eyes distributor pt limited Noida.

email:[email protected] for warranty registration we can go to website and register online.

how to use Skullcandy earbuds to play next song?

  • 1Press for play / pause Music and Answer and end Call.
  • 2 times press for next track
  • 3 times press for Previous Track (for apple phones we can set this using SBsettings app from Cydia)

Online shopping from Skullcandy website limited to the USA only.

About Skullcandy:

Skullcandy makes products like Headphones, earbuds, Speakers, accessories, wireless headphones and other etc.

It a US Based company (Park city North America) and it also has an office in Europe Amsterdam.

Skullcandy warranty
  • Must buy from authorized dealer only or online through the Skullcandy website.
  • Limited LifeTime warranty on Manufacturing defects, 1 Year warranty.
  • You must approach nearest Skullcandy service center  or Authorized dealer.
  • A Dealer can handle this situation mostly worldwide.
  • They can Replace or Repair or grant 50% of the product price.

Notice base looking quality very simple but at headphones some colors and skull logo.

I bought previously Sony headphones worth of 495, but they are simple.

What I noticed the companies intentionally decrease features due to making different models to rule the market.

Nowadays mobile phone companies using this technique by giving all high features except one loophole like camera clarity, memory or processor.

Ex: Lenovo A700 launched while ago but not got popularity with features of
2GB RAM, 8GB ROM, 13MP Rear, 5MP Front. 1.5Ghz quad-core processor,5.5 screen size 3000Mah Battery.

Now few months ago august or July Lenovo launched k3note with same features except internal storage upgraded 8 GB to 16GB. Lot of sales on Flipkart all about marketing.
Now if its launches new maybe its increase front camera 5to 8MP.

Which is better costly or budget?

Someone told that Skullcandy headphones available at ₹1000 only. But the price ranges from ₹749 to ₹ 3000.
So I decided to buy in budget and best.
Higher price means high quality and features.

Branded vs non-branded which one to buy?

Branded accessories built with high quality than local made. Body and higher technology.
When it comes to laptop and TV, mobile phones we can able to compare features. But what about this kind of accessories?
If we buy a phone/laptop/TV with new features then next month another model comes with a lot of features. This applies bikes and cars also.

For laptops, there is no much competition because all companies don’t have their production for core parts and Operating system.
Intel makes processors
Microsoft offers windows operating system
Apple Mac made his own style.