Tata Docomo customer care number, internet balance check, DND, PORT, User review

Tata Docomo customer care number, internet balance check, DND, PORT, User review Andhra Pradesh  (AP) Circle), Call Divert  / forward

To check balance dial *111#

To Know 2g/3g/ data internet balance dial *111*1#

Customer care number  121 call charges apply 50paise/ per minute.

Tata DoCoMo customer care number for other networks 1800-420-8282

Tata Docomo Toll free Email: [email protected]

Gurgaon, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Noida, chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata in major cities in India.

To Know Own Number In Tata Docomo Dial *1# or  *580#,  *124#.

To Port to another Network Type in capital letters


To register for DO NOT DISTURB Service

START DND  and send it to 1909

Send SMS as START 0 to 1909 or Call 1909 best way to save 1 Rupee for SMS.
Direct talking Customer care number for tata DoCoMo users.
DOCOMO Customer care and Their’s service really worse.
I Bought an  NEW SIM with the plan of 25p/minute. but the condition is I have to recharge every month More than or equal 50 rupees to maintain plan as 25p/minutes. 
But what I have recharged 1st Month with750 rupees online through an offer from Cashkaro and paytm, But I had not credited 150 Rupees from paytm. I have raised a ticket at cash Karo they said paytm decision is the Final.
So, I have recharged 750 rupees in 1st month. Not recharged in 2nd month, After first month over My call rates increased as 60paise/Minute. Now maybe 6 months over, Now i am charging about 1Rupee/ Minute. I just noticed while talking to someone. 393 Seconds I got charged 6.23 or 6.29.
After 6 months, I have received a message saying” you are 25p/minute tariff expired today recharge with some Amount to extend it to 1 month.
I have tried to know my tariff plan by dialling customer care I am really irritated by choosing theirs all options. dialled 12525 and their Automated System told that press 9 for speak to customer care executive. After pressing that system say” sorry you are not allowed to do this, (said 3rd time)”  but 2times it said that’s not the correct option.
fake promotion call:  I month ago while calling to another number before ring I heard recharge with 150 and get 200 talk time offer valid only today especially for you.  i have rechecked by dialling 2 other numbers of my colleague. 
I have searched online, but there is no such offer. then I went to the retailer and i got recharged  with 150 but I got 1.5 2g Internet. I have not used that and expired. also, asked customer care they said we don;t anything for you. I have uncontrolled that moment scolded customer executive and disconnected.
Airtel best for remitting balance but other Network Not do.
However, Tata DoCoMo Services best or worst based on the CircleEx: Tata Docomo Top in Goa, there is no Idea, Airtel as on 2012. in AP circle Only Signal Only in Cities not in Rural Area.
Call Divert/ Forwarding in Docomo:
there is No code to do this. you can divert / forward calls to another number by using your Mobile phone Call options. unlike Airtel call divert. But here charges for call divert/ forward DoCoMo 1Rupee/ Minute,
Tata DoCoMo online recharge:
Before you go for online recharge make sure to check Your Circle rtight upper corner of the screen.
Recharge Process of Docomo online website:
They ask to enter your Mobile Number, and Provides suitable plans for you. also regular Topup recharges.
I have recharged Delhi circle plan for my local circle in Idea network. I didn’t got talk time, I got a roaming recharge in the idea. but now they are verifying mobile number location also sending the verification code to mobile before the recharge.

Tata DoCoMo prepaid plans

Make sure to Observe either GSM / CDMA and Network Circle or your Network Location

Prepaid Plans available at this link Network http://www.tatadocomo.com/prepay-packs.aspx

Tata DoCoMo Internet / data plans Prepaid

2G internet plans check Circles http://www.tatadocomo.com/mobile-internet.aspx

Docomo 3G data Plans available at some cities in India please check your city listed there or not, also Some Areas in that 3g enabled city also not cover 3g signal. ex: In Hyderabad Docomo 3g Avilable but Some Areas like Ramanthapur there is no 3g Signal i have faced this.
Finally, I realized TATA DOCOMO 3g Service Not Available in Hyderabad AP Cirlce.

Only Some cities in These States have 3G Services.
Gujarath, Karnataka, Kerala, MP,CG, P B, ROM (Rajasthan, Orisaa, Maharashtra),UP W

USE this Link and select your State or Circle to see plans http://www.tatadocomo.com/3g-prepay-packs.aspx

About the company TATA Group:

TATA is Indian Company and DOCOMO is the foreign company. It Introduced 1st time 1p/sec call rate In India to beat competitors. Tata Company follows this type of business methods called acquisition,merging and other types ex. TATA and AIG Insurance may be stolen customer premium closed that company. and new company launched in insurance sector called TATA AIA, 
TATA Indicash ATM network for balance enquiry 10 Rupees, withdrawal 20 rupees. Virgin Mobile also owned by TATA in India.