Hyderabad traffic challan status enquiry pending e- challan Cyberabad

check info about Hyderabad pending traffic challans & e- challan 2015 payment online process and also at Eseva,  I can help you to check e Hyderabad city traffic challan status and payments to get rid of traffic penalties.

E-Challan Payment: How to make Payment for E-Challan

You can make payment of your e-challan online by making use of Credit Card through Payment Gateway and clear the challans pending against your vehicle.

Hyderabad traffic challans status 

inquiry pending traffic challans & e- challan status

In order to make payment of e-challan pending against your vehicle, you need to first visit the following site and check for pending e-challan against your vehicle. 
Photo Proof: you’ll be able to conjointly visit the station that is mentioned within the on top of the website or in your e-challan to ascertain the picture proof of the violation.

Hyderabad traffic challans status enquiry pending traffic challans & e- challan status

Hyderabad Traffic Police has launched the E-Challan system wherever riders will check Violation Image online, Integrated E-Challan System Launched by Hyderabad Traffic Police.Hyderabad Traffic Police issued E Challan for the Hyderabad Area Violate the Traffic Rules. Persons will check the E Challan standing the subsequent links.Along with their your vehicle details.Hyderabad traffic challans status inquiry pending traffic challans & e- challan status.

Where and How to check Hyderabad traffic challan status?

  • You can check on echallan.org/publicview page. However, this page not responsible for misinformation.
  • But this is the official website and maintained by national informatics center nic.
Ok, let’s come to the point “to check Hyderabad e-challan status (pending).  Simply enter your Vehicle registration Number as it on Number Plate check below picture.
htp challan echllan.org
Enter 10-Digit Vehicle Number Also, we’ve Created a video for this let’ see Ok this process
but be sure to check on your regional traffic police station This video by Theonlineking.com

Authorized Parking Zones in Hyderabad

why we need to check authorized parking zones in Hyderabad. Because lot people making fools the riders.
example: Near Golconda Port, a cool drink shop owner running parking zone in government school area with under 12 years old boy. the parking fee for 2 wheeler 20/- INR.
  • Hyderabad Traffic Police E Challan Status: http://www.htp.gov.in/Redirect-eChallan.htm
  • Hyderabad approved Parking Zones: http://www.htp.gov.in/ParkingZones.html
  • Know your Traffic station http://www.htp.gov.in/KnowYourPS.htm

Vehicle search by registration Number Hyderabad Telangana

  1. Registration No,
  2. Engine No,
  3. Chassis No,
  4. Tr No

vehicle search Andhra Pradesh

https://aptransport.in click here

vehicle search Telangana

Trace Your Vehicle: http://apps.appolice.gov.in/ips/HyderabadSearchForms/InvSearchVehicleNew.aspx?ID=14

  • Hyderabad Roadmaps: http://www.htp.gov.in/RoadSmart.html
  • Register Your vehicle http://www.htp.gov.in/howtoregistervehicle.html

How To pay Hyderabad traffic challans online at ESeva?

hyderabad traffic challans status enquiry pending traffic challans & e- challan statusPay Through AP on-line Centers or Mee Seva Centres.

ap online Centers in Hyderabad

E Seva Hyderabad Traffic Police Contact
E-Challan Status Online for Hyderabad

1. Enter the complete number of your vehicle including the missing zeros.

2. Enter the Vehicle Number in this format: AP09AB0009

3. Incorrect Formats are: AP09AB009, AP09AB09, AP9AB9

Once you have checked the Pending e-challan against your vehicle, then go to the following site.



1. Click on Register and Enter all your details with a Username and Password.

2. Once you have Registered then go to http://www.esevaonline.com again.

3. Click on Pay Bill or Go to



4. After Logging in Click on “You want to Pay Hyderabad Police Traffic Challan Click Here

5. If you do not see the above option Click on the tab at top left side “Add More Services” and Select Hyderabad Traffic Challans Or Cyberabad Traffic Challans

Hyderabad traffic challans status enquiry,  e- challans


Cyberabad traffic challan status online E-challan cyberabadpolice.gov.in

Find cyberabad traffic challan status and online payment process,  RTA challan status, AP traffic police challan, cyberabad police commissionerate traffic rules.

cyberabad traffic challan status cyberabad traffic challan status online 

GUYS….Important news for all bike riders,
some people don’t know this please share for them…..
.If you are not carrying license or vehicle papers then police written a fine. don’t pay the fine immediately, you will get a legal 15 days to show the papers. Your challan can get canceled by showing the papers within 15 days of the challan date.
Important information to share in the public interest. And to help prevent corruption.
The information is via the Right to Information Act.

How to check and pay Cyberabad traffic challan online?

you can check Cyberabad e-challan right now from here. by entering 10 digit registration number.
if you searching for  Hyderabad traffic challan HTP.GOV.IN status click there.

To check and pay Cyberabad traffic police challanwe have to enter 10 Digits Registration Number shown in the image above.

Enter your vehicle number and then search for pending challans online.to do that just click on “enter vehicle number

you can check your pending challans in Cyberabad if you want to know pending challans in another traffic police area like htp e challan. you have to check on specific websites only.

OK, you have checked your pending challans  Hyderabad or Cyberabad.
what about payments online
” currently no payment option Available in Eseva and Ap Online online. but you can pay at Authorized meeseva or Ap Online centers”.

Cyberabad e challan here

Enter 10-Digit Vehicle Number

The correct method to enter: AP09AB0009
wrong methods here: AP09AB009, AP09AB09, AP9AB9

You can check cyberabad traffic challan status from e chllan.org website from below.
e challan Cybderabad

e challan Hyderabad status here.

HYderabd echall.org/pubview Cyberabad E challan Hyderabad.