TV Buying Guide Price Review comparison led vs plasma vs lcd vs oled vs 3d 4k 8k HD Full HD UHD

AN tv buying guide for consumers before buying a tv which one is best to fit, also know differences between LED, LCD, Plasma, 4k, 8k, HD ready, FULL HD, UHD Ultra HD 0r 4k and 8k or 2D 3d tvs. tv price by screen size and company.
CCFL-style LCD televisions and Plasma televisions use more energy than LED lights,
LED good for high refresh ratio, less power consume and few chemicals, plasma tvs are good contrast ratio and colors good for wide screens and consume more power than LED, (LEDs actually LCDs but replaced CFL backlight with LED)
Light Emitting Diode (LED), organic light-emitting diode (OLED).  In place of a backlight, OLEDs use a layer of organic LEDs, controlled at the pixel level,
ultra, quad, HD ready, 4k
  1. Don’t buy HD Ready or 720p instead of 1080P full HD (consider 4k 3840 p for better resolution)
  2. Check refresh rate minimum 120 HZ, All tv’s are smart tvs now.
  3. ALL tv manufacturers shifting HD to Ultra HD or UHD or  4k so buy 4kto meet technology at least 5 years. after that you can get 8K UHD TV.
  4. HDMI Ports 4+ better, for DVD, Sound, and Games three ports already plugged in.
  5. Curved tvs for fashion only but may not produce equal light to the screen.
  6. look for extended warranty 
  7. Smart TV look for WiFi connection
  8. Always look at specification for resolution 1920*1080 is Full HD 720P is HD Ready.
TV Screen SIZE
  1. 32 Inches TV from 16,000 INR or $250 onwards. for bedroom better
  2. 50-55 for halls for bigger rooms under $600.

32 inches LED TV price by brand

  1.   Samsung 31,900, H4140= 28,900
  2. LG just missed
  3. Sansui. 39 inches FHD (Full Hd 1280*1080P), 28,900 32 inches 18490
  4. Panasonic. FHD 32,900, HD 21,900
  5. Sony bravia. 28,900
  6. Videocon 18,990
  7. reconnect 14,999
  8. Micromax 40 inches, 24,990
  9. Philips; 19,900
  10. Intex: 15,990

Full HD in 32 inches available Sony, panasonic,

32 inches full HD at low price by brand 15,000-20,000 thousand

  1. Ray starts from 13448
  2. Rayshare, Vu, igrasp
  3. Haier 32 inches Full HD LED TV LE32B8000  15,604
  4. Vu 32D6545 80 cm (32) LED TV 17,990 (65watts)
  5. Micromax 32 inches Full HD LED TV 32C6150FHD 17,920 (35watts)
  6. Sansui 32 inches Full HD LED TV SJX32HB 2C 19,000

Micromax 32B8100MHD 81 cm (32) HD Ready  resolution is 1920 x 1080 but its a hd ready not FHD

Micromax 32C6150 / 32AZ9747 / 32SD9855 / 32FK6156 FHD 81 cm (32) Full HD LED at snapdeal price 17,920


Haier,intex and sansui best competitors for micromax at this cause

32 inches full hd FHD on snapdeal

32 inches led on shopclues


Flipkart and Amazon doesn’t have 32 inches LED FHD in 20,000/-

FullHD in 32inches cheap and best price Available with Micromax only (because it have some reputation through mobile brand) and other companies like ray, i grasp, funai, haier,  micromax after sansui.

contrast ratio TV’s ability to display bright and dark images at the same time. The higher the contrast ratio, the better the picture quality will appearbut its a not a big thing.
Plasma; 1000:1 to 10,000:1
center LED
Edge-lit LED:
LCD: 600:1 to 10,000:1
Refresh Rate handling fast motion:  check back on the display HZs higher is better.
Power Consumption: lED uses 40% lower than LCD Power, Plasma uses 50% more than LCD power consumption.
(plasma is the best option for rich families for picture, color, resolution but risk of being permanently damaged by “static images,” such as network logos or status controls on video games. These images present a high risk of burn-in that permanently alters the screen.)
Resolution picture clarity
240,360,480,720,1080 pixels we may notice while playing a youtube video.
Standard: 720*576i
High Definition HD Ready 1280*720P but Not full HD services available from DTH services (mostly all tvs are HD ready)
FULL HD Ultra HD:  1920 by 1080P (built in HD tuner without extra box) (useful for Gamings and wide screens)
4K TV 4000PX 3840*2160 px available on market.
8K UHD TV 8000PX 7680 wide x 4320 high will be launched in 2020 Olympics by japan.
number of lines + type of scan’ or ‘number of pixels’ (vertical by horizontal).)
– 720p ( 720×1280 – 720 lines, progressive scanned)
– 1080i (1080×1920 – 1,080 lines, interlaced scanned)
– 1080p (1080×1920 – 1,080 lines, progressive scanned)
Ultra High Definition TV / UHD / 8K / Hi-super vision / 2D Tv better than Full HD it has 33 million pixels comparing hD TV 2 million.
Panasonic 145 inches 8K UHD TV

The number of lines/pixels and type of scan matters because more lines/pixels and faster scan equal a better picture.

 uhd vs 4k

Technically, “Ultra High Definition” is actually a derivation of the 4K digital cinema standard. However while your local multiplex shows images in native 4096 x 2160 4K resolution, the new Ultra HD consumer format has a slightly lower resolution of 3840 X 2160.

Feature to look
  1. HDMI
  2. USB Support 2.0 or 3.0
  3. USB Dongle support for internet like Android tv or Apple TV.
  4. RCA Yellow, and RED for Audio,
FULL/ Ultra HD TV requirements:
1. UHF aerial, HD capable digital terrestrial receiver, HD capable Television (at least 1280 x 720 resolution), HDCP compliant input and HDMI cable