cheap best vps hosting providers with c panel cheapest virtual server hosting list

I am regularly searching for cheap VPS hosting and forgets, therefore I have written below  for future reference. it’s may be helpful for you.before going to cheap let think about best and high quality:

Server location, Company Rating, Customer support, managed or Semi managed,or Unmanaged.
also, check that the company targets what kind of customers.

Top 10 VPS hosting providers In India.

Same companies appear as they are top at shared hosting. like GoDaddy, Bluehost. if you want VPS for WordPress. then go for Bluehost WordPress hosting.

it’s very cheap. this is also a VPS but fully managed by them. no hassle, focus on business, and content, not website errors, downtime, and other issues related to server.

Bluehost managed VPS WordPress

Monthly fee 1st time $12.49 regular $24.99

Monthly visits limits: 100 Million
backup Storage:30GB
1 domain only/
but you can manage 5 wp sites on one domain (No one can do).

As the price increases, resources and limits will double in 4 other plans.

TIP: you can trace your competitor website hosting provider by whois or another tool and follow them.

Mostly VPS Plans includes monthly billing cycle. but moving to another server causes lot of efforts and unnecessary headache.
my hosting

8 cpu cores  20gb 512mb ram 300gb for $15.95 dollars
you can increase memory by paying addition $2 for 512MB. you can create custom vps

coupon code whoishostingthis  20% offer on first invoice.

c panel costs addition $10/month.

this adds based on slice which cost $6 dollars and you get

1GB ram 25gb space 1tb transfer 1 core cpu, if you add 2 slices yo get double 2gb  50gb 2tb.

1 CPU core 1-4 slices.
2 CPU cores 4-6.

i am paying at interserver

46 dollar includes c panel 10 dollars per month.

2 cpu cores, 3gb memory 150 gb space but i used 10gb space.
getting high cpu load i need to increase by additional slices,
all resources but CPU load that’s why i am moving to other because cheap above 8 cpu cores.

coupon code spring or spring the forum or spring forum

Use cloud hosting instead from best provider google,amazon and digital ocean.