website audit for SEO Analysis Tips

Tips to Audit your website for On page SEO errors and bad backlink profiles social engagement incluiding traffic, 5+ Online seo tools that audit your website for seo check list and loop holes of your website.

  • Sitewide Links: Including navigation links (contact us, About pages), Robots .txt blocked links tags, categories, labels in blogger,
  • Static Links: for blogger we have to disable quick pencil editing by post body options through body layout widget.
  • Link juice:
  • Inbound vs Outbound links ratio:
  • Page Authority:
  • domain Authority:
  • Broken links External /internal: Having broken links and slow pages may be a sign of a neglected site.
  • Pagespeed
  • Display Timestamp or Not?
  • does No follow internal links hurt SEO?

On page issues:

  1. Shorten titles to 55 characters because google display only that Size in surf results (does having long titles effect SEO Rankings) many times I have ignored. (I believe that having 1+ keywords in title helps in ranking).
  2. Add h1 tag: in blogger the default post title will be h3 tag, so we can change it by editing blogger template (find proper h3 (post entry title including CSS and replace with h1).
  3. XML sitemaps, robots text, amount of outbound links, only one h1 tag in a page, unique title tag and descriptions,
  4. Description length: short description describes bad but having long description may not affect because it automatically cut in SERP results optimal description tag is 160 characters. Avoid duplicate description (for more visit HTML improvements in GMTtools)
  5. Change 302 redirections to 301
  6. Check google indexed pages vs actual pages of your website,(duplicate internal content low quality) on google. google bot indexes robots.txt blocked URLs also you can remove them by (directory based on single URLs) google URL removal tool in Google webmaster console. also, use No Index meta tag.
  7. Keyword repeat in page title ideal 1 time 3 times ultimately spam but 2 times also spam or not.
  8. Keyword Stuff in description:
  9. No follow /robots.txt blocked internal links

Page speed:

optimize images in blogger:

make blogger template responsive or use blogger default mobile template.

  1. Your landing page is not over-optimized
  2. The Title tag is unique
  3. The Title tag is properly optimized
  4. The Description tag is unique
  5. The Description tag is properly optimized
  6. There is only one H1 heading on the page, which is good
  7. The page has reasonable keyword density in Body text
  8. The page’s Body is properly optimized
  9. The page URL is properly optimized
  10. The Internal link texts are properly optimized
  11. The Internal link texts are diversified
  12. There is no 302 Redirect
  13. There is no Meta Refresh
  14. There are no Broken Links on the page
  15. The page has a reasonable amount of outgoing links
  16. All of your keywords are used in important SEO areas of the page
  17. The Title tag is not over-optimized
  18. The Description tag is not over-optimized
  19. The Description tag has an optimal length
  20. The H1 heading is properly optimized for your keywords
  21. The H1 heading is not over-optimized
  22. The H2-H4 headings are properly optimized for your keywords
  23. The page URL structure is OK
  24. Words in your URL are separated correctly
  25. The page URL contains valid characters
  26. The page URL is properly optimized
  27. There is Schema Markup on the page
  28. The page content is fresh
  29. The page speed is high
  30. Improve mobile page speed
  31. Add open graph markup
  32. make title tags shorter
  33. use keyword in image file names
  34. use ALT tags for images

Link building:

  1. Home page Rank: Googlre page rank for domain (google decreased page ranks for all the websites maybe its nt anymore or low value to this factor)
  2. Domain Trust flow: based on high quality authority backlinks to domain.
  3. Dmain citation flow: link juice to domain from other domains.
  4. MOZ’s domain & page Authority: this core indicates likely to higher in google ranking results.
  5. Total backlinks:
  6. C subnet or C block backlinks: number of backlinks from uniques c block Ip address domains.
  7. Number of Linkig IP Address: unique backlinks are safe.
  8. EDU & Gov TLD domain links
  9. EDU & governmental reffered domain links to your website.

Toxic backlinks:

  1. Sitewide links,
  2. A page with 50+ outbound links.
  3. 30+ backlinks from same domain,
  4. 30+ links from same subnet.

Linking domains profile:

  1. Domain Trust flow
  2. Toxic link
  3. juicy links
  4. no follow links
  5. Page rank of linking domain
  6. domain citation
  7. Alexa rank


Site /contnet submission:

directory submission is very basic and important easy way to get backlinks.


Link Building tips:

stealing competitors backlinks

links from branded websites ex(google, bing,microsoft etc..), we can gt by forum & blog commenting,

Sitempa Submit To bing : (don’tneglect bing webmaster tools)

backlinks from: photo video sharing site (pinterest&instagram, youtuve,vimeo, dailymotion), Press release, bookmark sites (reddit), file sharing sites.


Blog submission: RSS feed directories, blog search egnies, blog communites & direcroties,

PPC promotion paid: Pay per click try cheap get profit best for affliate website, Adesne websites doesn’t allo this.


ALL above guidelines indicated by

SEO Optimer suggestions

  1. XML sitemap link on homepage
  2. Alt tag for images
  3. FB like box.


MYsite Auditor Suggestions & Report

  1. mysite auditor is best for agencies you can go to
  2. H2 tag is missiing


OPtimisemy site report: (Good one)

  1. Remove duplicate heading tags
  2. top 5 keywords
  3. words count and keyword count
  4. remove underscores in image alt

Zadroweb SEO-auditor

  1. excessive inline js & css
  2. images with alt
  3. social link external
  4. no twitter card and fb open graphs
  5. keyword usage:  The target keyword should only be used between 2 and 4 times in the copy of this web page. Studies have shown this to be most effective, no matter the length of your content.

SEO card report:

  1. Link building, site accessibility, onsite, trust worth, page authority, (not good at all)


Woorank(good one)

  1. Optimize images
  2. engage on facebook,twitter
  3. Missing google plus publisher 2way linking to each other.
  4. Language attribute missing
  5. w3c errors  107 Errors, 22 Warning(s)woorank suggestions

check flesh readability extensions for chrome WordPress plugins, and desk top tool.



  1. seoptimer
  2. SEO profiler
  3. My site auditor
  4. screaming frog
  5. Open Site Explorer

    5+ Online seo tools that audit your website for seo check list
    One of the my website not ranking well since almost 2 years i am unable to find the loop hole tried all the tools but some tools suggest differ from other tool. if you can audit the website here is URL now no longer to be continued now got problem with another website.
    there is lot of w3c errors above 17 and loads slowly tried to decrease that but it not done perfectly now going to change the theme from genesis framework 2.0 to Avada.