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Recently one of my niche website ranking fall from 2nd to 6th in 1st page.

  1. 1st time outranked by the a website.
  2. Next day News websites ranked 3rd position.
  3. and Today another website spotted in 4th and 5th

*I have removed social share icons to improve speed and web page size to rank better.

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Quicksprout competitor analysis


Over All Score545355
S.NoCompetitor 0Competitor 1Competitor 2
Traffic Rank2.36 SEC5.83 SEC5.34 SEC
SEO Score747778
Total Number of Warnings577
Total Number of Errors000
Total Number of Indexed Pages6913701100
Total Number of Back Links156898
Use of Top Keywords in Heading TagsYESNOYES
Use of Top Keywords in Meta DescriptionNONOYES
Use of Top Keywords in Title TagYESNOYES
SNOLoad TimeNumber of RequestsPage Size
02.36 SEC8132 MB
15.83 SEC3171.7 MB
25.34 SEC1335.5 MB

Competitors Page speed Analysis

Google Insights:

  1. My website: Mobile score  69/100 Desktop score  78/100.
  2. Competitor 1 outranked Mobile score 33/100 Desktop score  45/100.
  3. Competitor 2nd one Mobile score 62/100  Desktop score  64/100


Speed grade core,A (91%)E (53%) -38%B(87%) -4%
Yslow Grade,D (66%)D (69%) +3%D (63%) -3%
Page Load time,7.3s8.0s +0.64s11.1s +3.75s
Page Size.1.66MB1.59MB -71.7KB3.10MB +1.44MB
Requests125367 +242187 +62


Pingdom Speed Test Analysis

It helps to Analyze file SIZE by load order.

S.NoPerf. gradeRequestsLoad timePage sizeTested from
Competitor 072/1001313.04s1.5MBSan Jose, California, USA
Competitor 183/10040160.00s1.9MBSan Jose, California, USA
Competitor 278/1002064.14s3.6MBSan Jose, California, USA

Alexa Analysis

My website 0 : Global rank 235,574, LocalRank 17,731, backlinks 15

Competitor 1: Global rank 61,257, LocalRank 4766, backlinks 68

Competitor 2: Global rank 33,500, LocalRank 3145, backlinks 98


On Page SEO

Word count

Headings with keywords


Keyword density

Keyword count

readability score

Advertisements Ads above the Fold & total

  • Mine: 2&5
  • Competitor 1: 1&7
  • Competitor 2: 1&6 with text link ads info links.

Images in Articles:

Mine: 3 with alt tag

1 3

2 5

Domain Age: 

0: 1/3/2015

1st: 27-06-2015

2nd: 28/12/2013

Search Engine performance tools:

  2. Ahrefs
  3. search metrics essential
  4. quick sprout

Link Analysis

Authority website, how they outrank others without proper On page SEOScore. Author means backlinks is it.

  1. Opensiteexplorer
  2. majestic SEO
  3. open site profiler
  4. Ahrefs

Social media Analysis:

IS Social media a ranking factor for google

twitter blocked google, facebook not likes google. also in 2014 matt Cutts confirmed we don’t take social signals in our core algorithm and treats them as third party websites.  but still it a quality signal.

Website ranking tools


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