website ideas for online business with example (successful stories) Answers website. other yahoo answers, wiki answers,

it’s very easy to run. but hardly to to promote.just install an answers website script or buy a forum script  Now there is no difference between forum and answers website.

what is behind quora’s success story? google run it and shut down, wiki answers in idle status, yahoo answer some better what, quora leading.

Social bookmarking websites:  why digg, Reddit, Xamrks famous and other website based on pligg software failed to success wesite. video website, other Dailymotion, Vimeo.

youtube created by 3 paypal employees in 2004 it not so popular until 2005.  Now it’s large search engine or popular website After google an then facebook.

those students sold out this website for 300 billion dollars to google. ( this idea ruined me to get into online business).

classified websites: OLX, quicker. craigslist.

Simple you can run your own classified site with WordPress too. by using templtic classic press theme or classified engine themes (outdated). or using clone script like olx, craigslist or custom made script for your website.

Affiliate website: . mostly 99% Americans Runs Affiliate website to get some commission from Amazon, Click bank, Cj, Apple iTunes and other etc.. but India bloggers Mostly newbies fall into job and results websites.according google Indian job and results website90% spammy. we are just competing each other with same content or news instead innovative ideas.

e-commerce websites, Amazon, snap deal, Flipkart, paytm. one of largest company when comparing to also owned, Alexa com. AWS amazon web services and other etc.

paytm; its started as mobile recharge website, later it turned into e-commerce and mobile recharge website.

Forum websites.

If you want to run a forum there is free forum software available which is from smf forum script, PHBB, MyPhp or paid with uniques feature for business, SEO, then use VBulletin.

some forums pretty some other worst. depending upon google rank.

Auction website: eBay,

ebay website created for to sell a ring his girl friend by aucion. but immediately another person bidded high and bought with short span of time.this idea made ebay to  start business. any services for $5 based on USA. here india someone created for anything 250 rupees, and some anything 100, 1000 but these are not so popular.

Video cloning from youtube. 9

embedding youtube video with short content google treats it thin content you are 90% slapped by google. unless you have some creative idea about this. do same but popular, converts (it’s illegal but popular).

Adult / porn website: I guess mostly 60-70% of internet users go for porn. running a porn website banned in India. but pirates continues it. mostly Pakistani websites.
embedding porn videos from other sources, monetizing with ads, or affiliation programme by promoting pay per view website. or creaing youtube like free video hosting website for porn.

Images website: Instagram, Flickr,

Social media website like facebook, twitter.

Facebook accidently turned become a world largest Social media. firstly this is created for university  students to chat inside them. but lot of people from outside of university got registered.

twitter planned to run a SMS gateway website like but it got some popularity by using celebrities comments also follow option sneding message at a time all followers.

mobile recharge website:

Online sms gateway website

Buying bulk sms plans from Airtel, idea at cheap rates marketing website and earning with Ads.

price comparison websites,,

news website:  Indiatimes. ndtv and other some

The easy way to convert to your WordPress blog into news website.  just require 3+ authors to write daily 3+ posts/news. and news XML sitemap plugin, news magazine theme. permalink with year or minimum 4 digits number.

to learn more google news inclusion 

search engine website:

cloning google or pulling results from google ranked 6th Top search engine after google, yahoo and bing.

i have written more about how to create a search engine.

google doesnt care about content based websites like blogs, article directories,

Some other websites

Movie news, review, trailer website which runs as blog on WordPress platform,

Job websites: like, times jobs, shine and other.

NOTE: if you want Great success with your website  then don’t rely on google, don’t ignore if you slapped by google. you may wait 2-4 years in case of anything went wrong, otherwise your getting more popular day by day with help google.