WhatsApp on pc

whatsapp for PC using Blue stacks

Using blue stack for WhatsApp PC works as on 2015/ October.
But it can de authorize your mobile phone.
for authorizing your you can select call instead of Sending detecting SMS by whatsspp itslef.
So you can use only at Desktop with that phone number.
whatsapp for PC Using Windows Store not works in desktop version windows

WhatsApp web on PC

Whatssweb evert time we have to scan QR code. After closing the window you have to re authorize the WhatsApp account.
1. Enable WIFI / Data On mobile Phone.
2. open https://web.whatsapp.com/ on laptop/desktop.
3. Open WhatsApp on your Android Phone Click on Chats and then Menu :: (dotted lines above right),
4. Select WhatsApp web and click on + Button. Scan QR code On Laptop Screen. then it will connect Automatically.
5. don’t Turn off Mobile Internet. if you do you lose connection on the desktop too.

For Scanning QR code you need to enable WiFi or mobile data on your Mobile.

  1. How to Enable whattsapp on startup
  2. Settings>>APP
  3. Click on Apps Scroll down to app mpermission
  4. Tick/ Unitck Not working on 5.0 lollipop

WhatsApp web connecting on PC Video

Enable /Disable WhatsApp push notifications

Android>>Notifcation center>>App notifcation management
Slects whatsapp and click on enable notifcation: 3types of push Notifcation
Onlock screen, on status bar and top remider.

Disable / enable Media Auto download in WhatsApp

Go>>Settings>>Unitck>>Media Auto download
Change whatsapp theme
But face book running background. when enable the data /wifi Fb sends Push Notifications and visible online even if not using FB app on Android phone.
download whatsapp from playstore
or official whatssapp.com from your mobile phone only  https://www.whatsapp.com/download/