Wireless keyboard and mouse combo price, features, cheap offers

Wireless keyboard and mouse buying guidelines and installation instructions.warranty, radiation effects and other etc.

what do you look when you buying a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

  •  RF interface Receiver speed: 2.4GHZ and above.
  • Dimensions: Height weight, color,
  • Battery capacity: I just saw a Logitech keyboard and mouse provides 24 months battery backup after you are using continues also at the price of 1600INR. but I bought another one for 1795 INR because I want the white color keyboard and mouse like Mac.
  • Mouse DPI: 1000
  • warranty: 1 year popular

Also, check for Additional keys and some missing keys important because I got missed Right CTRL Key and Replaced by ins key. 

How to install wireless Mouse and keyboard?

Its very simple just plug the RF Into USB Port and on the mouse. No need on keyboard separately.

Price range of wireless keyboard and mouse combo

Price starts 1000 INR and Average 1300-1600, if that is costly then the price will hike up to 2-3K. you can compare prices online at Indian eCommerce websites Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal, Shopclues.

Compare same products on all e-commerce websites because you have higher chances of buying at fair  price. Also, google shopping results provides quick products and price list from popular shopping websites.

buying tips: compare features and then select the one. After that compare price.

how to find Best wireless keyboard and mouse?

First look for Companies and the Products features. Company reputation influence the Product quality. if you are buying online always go for the higher price with branded keyboard. Make sure to look at Seller Reputation and reviews on the shopping website.

Read  user reviews about the product under the Products description like Features and specification.



  1. Flexibility, we can use the keyboard and mouse up to 10 Miters distance.
  2. Portability, we can use any device by plugging the receiver (small USB).


  1. Radiation electromagnetic Radiation, less than mobile radiation. we have been already getting Some radiation from Laptop, Lights, Wifi Router, Mobile phones, AC or Fan  and some other sources. These are our close to exposure radiation. you can check radiation by electromagnetic meter available for 2000 INR on Amazon website. I bought this to check radiation, but  it displaying when it close to the object. I have also placed Anti-radiation chips beneath the WiFi router and laptop. so we have place them on below the wireless keyboard and mouse too.
  2. Recharging the batteries: you have to buy a recharger for AAA batteries and its costs to you the amount between 1000-1500 maybe, But i already bought an AA battery charger with 4 AA Rechargeable batteries For 800 only from reputed dealer(this time I got cheap than online price). New wireless and mouse combo package doesn’t comes with AAA rechargeable batteries you have to buy them separately cost 100-200 For each battery total 4 Batteries we need. Be sure to battery capacity before you buy.

wireless keyboard and mouse combo