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Free WordPress tutorials beginners advanced

WordPress tutorials
WordPress optimized hosting providers?
This is the basic and essential part of your business.
here I recommend two popular optimized for WordPress hosting companies
 Bluehost and another DreamHost.
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how to install WordPress By Cpanel
 in two ways using panel softaculous and manually uploading extracting in the root folder. Installing through Cpanel you need to go bottom of the Cpanel area choose auto installers like softaculous to choose blog software or cms find WordPress and select a domain to install it ask to install in root domain ex or website.xom/Wordpress. Choose whatever you want it”s automatically done within seconds.

install WP manually

 if you are using VPS Cpanel we need to pay the extra amount for softaculous or any auto installer programs.  So you need to download its latest version from after downloading zip format wp software you need manually upload to panel by FTP client or through Cpanel uploader.
After uploading that extract it and open browser with your installed location before this you need a domain to Cpanel for this go to add on domain. Or subdomains add it and its ask to create a folder to configure.
If domain already configured with the folder you don’t need to do this. Ok, let’s start open the website it asks to install and website name and description database name and password prefix will be default like  wp_.its done you are now able to login to your Wordpress dashboard with admin name and password it asks when you creating I mean installing with the site name and description.

How to install plugins in WordPress?

Manually Upload plugins in WordPress
these are 2 ways manually by uploading to wp-content plugins and extracting thereby FTP like Filezilla or Cpanel activating it from wp-admin/plugins.php.
2nd method easy way to add plugins in WordPress
go to admin plugins
    Click add new upload or search you

  • can use by entering the plugin name ex-google XML sitemap.
  •  in results, there are the lot of you need choose by author wise and ratings.
  • After choosing click on install.
  •  it will install and activate plugin automatically.
  • Also, you can use upload menu to upload zip file WordPress automatically extracts and ask you to activate. this is better than manually uploading but sometimes may not upload large size files these settings are available in  Cpanel.
if you are newbie also doesn’t know about which plugins to use for particular purpose see best WordPress plugins I used.
WordPress Themes Tutorial

How to change default theme in WordPress manually?

  • Once WordPress installed it owns its default theme. we need to change our custom theme for better web design.
  • Uploading theme to WordPress or changing the theme in wp same as changing plugins.
  • simply you can upload to by FTP to wp-content/themes. if you uploaded in the .zip format you need extract there.
  • also, you can upload WordPress theme from WordPress wp-admin/DashBoard.
  • by Appearance>> themes you can find add New >>Upload also search below for free themes. once you found to install and activate the theme.

How to add the New post in WordPress?

  • Simply choose posts in left menu you can find Add New categories tags.
  • click add new post add title write in content in body section after writing done click publish button.
  • if you want post optimization to use Better WordPress SEO plugin.

How to change title and description in WordPress or change title of the homepage?

  1. If you want to Change site name & description in WordPress Just Go To General>>writing change the title and description tag.
  2. WordPress SEO plugin can do this I recommend as an essential plugin.

website speed optimization in WordPress

WordPress SEO optimization  best SEO plugins for WordPress

wp robot.txt Optimization?

How to backup WordPress database and files?

use backup buddy plugins it helps to easy way to backup and migrate your WordPress website.while using backup buddy some of the problem you may face like HTTP header not enabled on the server to fix to see my other post.also check simple guide to make money from blog or website.

Increase PHP memory limit in WordPress

How to solve php memory errors / or increase memory limit within CPanel.

edit wp-config PHP and add this code

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

Also you can increase by memory through .htaccess also
simple add this code at bottom
php_value memory_limit 64M

if any problem with above code then add this
<IfModule mod_php5.c>
php_value memory_limit 512M

Nothing works because it needs to added into /etc/apache2/php5/php.ini

256M is enough per /minute request.

above stop editing happy blogging.
Increasing limit from 32,64,128,256,512,1024M
This is the simple way to fix fatal errors and increase the memory limit to run WordPress faster. don’t forget about your hosting provider allocated memory.soit is beyond the limits only.
How to know PHP allocated memory for WordPress?
using phpinfo(); function, all in seo pack plugin, lot of plugins display cpu resources.
If this not works contact your host provider.

how to fix backup buddy HTTP Loopback Connections are not enabled on this server

fix backup buddy HTTP Loopback Connections are not enabled on this server. You may encounter stalled or significantly delayed backups

it also called as waiting for ping or endless ping

The error message in advanced logs is

12:3:40: Ping. Waiting for server . . .
12:3:45: Ping. Waiting for server . . .
12:3:51: Ping. Waiting for server . . .

the solution just add the below code to your WordPress WP-config.php at the bottom  before the line that says /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

  • define('ALTERNATE_WP_CRON', true);
In this post we covered
  1. Installing WordPress   Installing WordPress from command line Linux.
  2. changing theme uploading plugins
  3. Adding new posts and editing
  4. making the backup of WordPress data.
  5. WordPress security
  6. changing wp site URL & structure of permalinks
  7. How to use categories & tags
  8. enable caching WordPress
  9. Add AdSense to WordPress
  10. Speed up WordPress
  11. Move js to footer in wp
  12. Avoid duplicate content in WordPress
  13. Disable trackbacks & comments
  14. increase WordPress memory
  15. combine RSS feeds
  16. email marketing with WordPress
  17. top 10 WordPress themes
  18. Bulk delete posts, tags, categories
  19. Protect WordPress content
  20. Cpu intensive WordPress plugins
  21. improve google page speed score
  22. 504 bad gateway fix Nginx
  23. SSL Install in WordPress
  24. CDN for WordPress
  25. Hosting WordPress on google cloud
remaining WordPress tutorial update shortly keep an eye this page only wp tutorial in one place.also if you have urgent WordPress solution ask me. or try WordPress support forum but replies there too late.