How to create/add xml html sitemap for blogger

how to create/add the sitemap for blogger and submit to google

lots of blogger BlogSpot blogs holders worry about sitemap for blogger. because if we dont have sitemap how can we submit to google to index in google search results.

unlike WordPress sites  blogger don’t have by default in sites also self hosted website using xml plugins.

but blogger we don’t need to add any sitemap to google. because google owned blogger. it’s take care of also see more likely to crawl blogger blogs than WordPress sites.

  • there is lot of blogspot blogs appear in daily search
  • blogs like appears very rare.

Alternatively we can add rss feed as a sitemap which which include first 25 results of feed. and other old URLs already indexed in google.

until Amith agarawal founded below method all the blogspot bloggers used above method.

here are the snippets to use as xml site map for blogger.

For XML sitemap blogger.simply add sitemap.xml end of your blog(custom domain also).

Sitemap for blogger blogs not custom domains.

How to submit site map to google

  • go to google webmaster tools 
  • select website you want add
  • click on left side menu which is crawl and select sub menu sitemaps
  • click sitemap right side above Why submit a Sitemap?  
  • click on add sitemap add the which is ex atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 if your website have above 500 posts repeat with second one i mean add as 2nd site map site map which is 500-999.
  • you can check on above codes .
  • for blogspot blogs not custom domains just add sitemap.xml.

3+ ways to create HTML sitemap for blogger BlogSpot

But is valid only for Blogspot, not for Custom Domain.

HTML sitemap not  almost use for search engines but it useful for users also google recommended it added one of guidelines so we need to for our valuable visitors also decrease bounce rate able under stand where we are in website and also understand website hierarchy level and content of blogger blogspot blog.

Method 1 using third party html or xml sitemap generator for your blogspot.

  1. you may visit XML sitemap generator
  2. and enter your website name after generation HTML sitemap not XML sitemap
  3. you need copy the code.
  4. and create new blank page use HTML version of post editor
  5. and paste the downloaded HTML file which opened with note pad and copied for further action.

 Table of contents and label based HTML sitemap for blogger

  1. Go and create blank page called sitemap
  2. and paste the below code

if you want sitemap by label wise just add Label%20 Name if you have space use %20 otherwise no need or WordPress%20themes

Note: Html, CSS, and javascript are combined into one method 3

    • all need to new page and paste below  the code
    • Replace with your domain name

      also how to create the XML sitemap for blogger and submit to google